News from Wangdenling, Slovakia

drainageFrom December 2013 to January 2014 thanks to good weather conditions, we managed to build a drainage system around our gonpa, so that the underground water would not cause the decay of the gonpa´s wooden structure. Also the whole building was sandpapered and treated with chemicals for the preservation of the wood against fungus and insects. Thanks to the efforts of our karmayogis and other workers we managed to secure the future of the gonpa and from the second half of March 2014 onwards we plan to continue the construction works. We hope to have the gonpa completed and ready for everyday use by this summer.

Also the small gonpa/dormitory in the house at the lower end of our property was reconstructed, with new floor, beds and stove. Now we even have hot water! All thanks to our tireless red gakyil Lubomir Michna.

There is still much more to be done, so if you are interested to see, please visit and like our facebook page (search for Wangdenling).

 Dance in BratislavaDuring the weekend February 14 to 16 we held a course on the Dance of the Three Vajras in Bratislava under the guidance of Robert Czabanski. The mandala was filled precisely with 6 pawos and 6 pamos dancers, so this was a very fortunate coincidence. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, so the dancers managed to learn the dance within one day and then the next day was spent by polishing the timing and movements. We want to thank Robert for his guidance and all the participants for creating a great atmosphere conducive to the practice.

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