Ngagkong Practice Global Chain During 24 Hours

Dear Vajra Family,

We call upon the entire Dzogchen Community to join forces to continuously and forcefully sustain (with the maximum possible participation whenever your circumstances permit) to carry out together a

Ngagkong practice Global Chain during 24 hours, from December 7th at 8:00h (GMT+0 Tenerife time) until December 8th at 8:00h (GMT+0 Tenerife time).

Let us put our intention into action by practicing together in order to expand wisdom and clarity wherever we are.

We kindly ask you to register to ensure that the practice is as continuous and seamless as possible over the 24 hours.

Let us unite in practice for the benefit of all sentient beings!

Please, when you register choose your time of practice in GMT+0 In this link, you can
see a map with the time zones of the world:

Do you want to participate?


1. Register by filling the following questionnaire:

2. Each practitioner -or group- will start by doing a GANAPUJA (any version) or even a
SHORT THUN until transformation. You need to be transformed into Simhamukha
before starting the Ngagkong practice. In order not to break the chain, please start the
Ganapuja or Thun far enough in advance before the established starting time and do
dedications AFTER the 1 hour Ngagkong practice.

3. If you do the practice in a group, after the practice, we kindly ask you to write
to informing us of the number of participants who take part.
May this practice fill all the space and dissolve all obstacles into emptiness.

International Gakyil & Practicing Together Team

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