From the Old to the New Year – Last Practice Retreat

last practice retreatAt Merigar West, the last days of 2023 were filled with a 5 day retreat starting in the afternoon of December 27th and lasting until the morning of December 31st.

In Merigar’s program, Vision of the Teachings, these particular sessions centered on Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Upadesha Teaching, Introduction to the State of Ati (Longsal Ati Gönpa Ngotröd). The video of our Teacher’s precious words and explanation, from a 2003 retreat in Merigar’s gönpa, with Rinpoche in splendid form in a red snow jacket, was viewed each morning  by about a dozen people in Merigar’s Mandala Hall, and around 200 people via webcast.

last practice retreatIn the  afternoon, over 3 days, Fabio Risolo balanced explanations with sessions of practice of Shiné, and integration of the state of calm and movement, as explained in Dzogchen practice. He used a set of texts, which can be used to further deepen knowledge of the State of Ati.  (Shine and Lhagthon, Starting the Evolution, The Mirror, and Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation )

On the morning of the last day of the retreat, the last day of 2023, our Teacher gave advice on how we can integrate practice in daily life, however many times this is heard, his words are golden in helping us live as true Dzogchen practitioners.

Many thanks, Merigar!  Thank you to all who helped, the Gekos  Paula  Dziemidowicz, Fabio Risolo, Giada Manca  and Cristiana De Falco for English  translation and Danny Van der Weide  for helping with the webcast.

Happy New Year  2024 to all!

Constance Soehnlen
January 4, 2024

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