Online Book Presentation of “Dzogchen, Our Real Condition” by Prof. Namkhai Norbu

International Atiyoga Foundation is pleased to invite you to the online book presentation of “Dzogchen Our Real Condition” by Prof. Namkhai Norbu on Dec. 3d at  5.00 – 6h00 pm (Gmt + 1) and at the subsequent online workshop on the practice of meditation on Dec. 4th at 10.30 – 12.00 am / 4.00 – 5.30 pm (Gmt + 1) with Luigi Vitiello.

Dr. Luigi Vitiello

This double event inaugurates a cycle of online meetings entitled “Atiyoga the horizon to the infinite“. In each capsule a book from Shang Shung Publications will be presented and a workshop will be held in collaboration with a department of the Foundation or with a Gar or a Ling of the Dzogchen Community, depending on the topic addressed.

This cycle is organized in order to make available to the participants tools for understanding their own deeper nature in relation to the world, by drawing on the oldest sources of Atiyoga teaching, traditionally considered the pinnacle of Tibetan Buddhism.

The event is the happy outcome of the collaboration between the International Atiyoga Foundation, Shang Shung Publications and the International Dzogchen Community Namdeling – Naples, Italy.

For any further information, to register and possibly help support the organizing bodies, please contact:

A deep thanks to all those who contributed to the realization of the project and to all those who would like to participate.

Marco Baseggio

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