Online Conferences on the Water Tiger Year & Lungta

Prayer Flags & Astrological Interpretation of the Year

 Vajra brothers and sisters,

Losar is approaching and our Master has given us many tips on how to harmonize and strengthen our energy and condition. One of these tools is to make, authenticate, and hang prayer flags, or Lungta, especially when the New Year comes.

We are happy to invite you to join the online conference:

Lungta, harmonizing our own energy with that of the external elements

with Cristiana De Falco

Saturday, February 12th at 6 pm – online, on zoom platform

 Lungta, “horse wind” belong to an ancient Tibetan tradition and has the aim of protecting people and places. (Italian and English).

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Prayer flags bring fortune and prosperity both to the place where they are hung and to the people who participate to the various phases of preparing them, or who sponsor this activity. There are different ways of dealing with the prayer flags, such as cutting, sewing and hanging them or contributing in the cost of the material and the printing.

It is possible to help with a donation of 8.5 euros for each set of five flags of the five colors. As usual we will hang the prayer flags in Merigar starting from the third day after Losar.

Contributions can be sent to The Dzogchen Community of Merigar

For further information please contact the office at Merigar.

Furthermore, on the third day of the new year, Merigar and the Dynamic Space of the Elements have organized a lecture regarding the astrological interpretation of the Water Tiger Year.

March 5th at 10:30 am

Astrological interpretation of the Water Tiger year

with Migmar Tsering

Migmar Tsering will explain to us what our 2022 will be like, according to Tibetan Astrology. Its benefits will be looked at, as well as how to solve problems arising from the negative aspects of this coming year.

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