Open Doors Day in the Tobgyalling Gonpa


Losar Tashi Delek! The Kiev Dzogchen Community congratulates everybody on the New Year of the Fire Monkey! We want to share our joy with you!

Before Losar we held an Open Doors Day for all interested people. On this occasion more than 70 people visited the Community and participated in all offered activities with interest. There was enough space for everyone although the number of participants exceeded our expectations.

The New Year’s program was opened by Svetlana Chakova who told a story about Losar and its significance in Tibetan astrology. Andrey Panfilov gave a presentation of Community activities and Natalia Palkina presented the Shang Shung Institute. Igor Pinigin introduced all participants to Yantra Yoga and Maria Stepanik to Vajra Dance.

All this was complemented with Tibetan khapse biscuits, divination soup and Tibetan tea prepared by the event coordinator Sergey Grischenko and those who were present. Khaita Joyful dances with Elena Kovalenko filled everybody with positive feelings and energy. And in the end we showed the movie “My Reincarnation”.

We noticed that our guests showed interest in all the presentations, especially the ones of Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance and Khaita. It was useful also for the organizers as we had some new interesting experiences while spending time together and communicating with our guests. We found out what people are interested in and at the same time gave them an opportunity to learn about our Master’s activities and the Community through presenting our open courses.

The next day we did a retreat on Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings in which guests from the Open Doors Day took part. Also there was a newcomer in the Khaita class with Elena Kovalenko that was held later. Besides we planned an open course on Yantra Yoga with Igor Pinigin and informed our guests about it.

The warm and friendly atmosphere of Losar filled the Gonpa and all participants with the joy of uninterrupted collaboration.

Here is some feedback from Facebook that inspired us:

“Guys, huge thanks for this celebration! It was kind, open, joyful, warm and family-like! I liked it a lot! Dancing, sharing, feeling your acceptation and warmth! Thank you!” Irina Singurovska

Thank you very much for warmth and hospitality! It was a wonderful celebration. Light, bright and very joyful. Feeling like meeting old friends. And very delicious sweets! The soup – no comments – joint degustation of this culinary masterpiece equals to culinary meditation – and dances of course. Thank you very much!!! We will come again. Natali Usenko

The joy of spending time together, relaxation in activities and continuous collaboration filled this celebration. We shared it with our guests and would like to share it with you.

Losar Tashi Delek

Kiev Dzogchen Community


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