Order Your Handmade Lungtas for Losar at Merigar East

Order Your Handmade Lungtas for Losar!

The Lungta – also known as Tibetan prayer flags – represent the protective force of the individual. In Tibet it was symbolized by a horse surmounted by a wish-fulfilling jewel. It brings about good fortune, benefits and prosperity.

During the winter months we carry out by hand all the steps of producing Lungtas: starting with colored cotton, we cut, print various models with serigraphy (screen printing) and sew them on strings. We empower them through practice and hang them on the Losar day (the Tibetan New Year) or in the following weeks.

Just like every year, you can order Lungtas to be hanged in your name at Merigar East. The elements are manifesting very strongly here, contributing to the function of the prayer flags.

Also, you can have them delivered to your home, if you have an exposed, windy place outdoors to hang them.

We suggest you to donate 10 eur for one set of 5 lungtas and, if you wish to support our Gonpa renovation, 30 eur for the Primordial Masters set.


Stay Tuned! Between the 21st and 23rd of January a workshop on Lungta preparation and meaning will be held in Budapest!

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