Painting the Gönpa in Merigar East – News



We have started painting the Gönpa
Phase two of the Gönpa renovation started on Monday 25 July, with Migmar and the volunteers drew the first shapes that are slowly covering our walls.

Who are the volunteers?
We are happy to host a young team made, so far, of 6 Italian arts students (from China), two artists from Romania, one from Slovakia. The second week 7 more volunteers from Czech Republic and Romania will join.

Thank you so much for your support so far!

Your generosity and collaboration is immensely appreciated.
We still need your support to complete the works! As we cannot pay for their work, we are covering the costs for the travel and stay and food of the volunteers. We would like to treat them well, with your help!
Please donate as much as you can! Every bit counts!

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View a gallery of images made by Gabriela Stefanescu on our website.

You can see the detailed calendar of events and practices here.

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