Palriling Retreat with Steven Landsberg

Palriling, the Paris Ling, organized a three-day retreat titled Samsara, the Enlightenment Possibility led by Steven Landsberg May 26-28. This is an article written by the Chinese translator, Jenny.

Romantic Paris – A Place for Samsara and Nirvana

Frail from elemental imbalance,
there he sat undisturbed by direct sunlight and nauseating dizziness,
telling us to be indiscriminating toward everything; nothing should be singled out.

Occasionally, beaming like a cat’s meow while talking,
there he sat answering bullseye questions from on-sight and online,
trying to explain why samsara and nirvana are two peas in the same pod.

While more than one hundred Zoomed in,
his guided silent meditation zoomed us out of our imagined limitations.
Though language is being translated, yet
paradoxically, the message is beyond words.

How would you attempt to describe beauty? Love? Joy? How about suffering?
You will know when you are. But again, who is there?

While the fragrance of Palriling’s effort lingers,
May all dance freely in the sky.

Jenny from Taiwan

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