Passages – Died Jaroslav Rudolf Majer

Jaro in 2015 taken by his mother, Rose Marie Prins

Jaro in 2015 taken by his mother, Rose Marie Prins

Jaroslav Rudolf Majer, “Jaro” to his many friends from all races and creeds and from all walks of life, passed away in Brooklyn on September 10, 2016. 

There were many facets to this complex human being who, on his Facebook page called himself “a lover and a fighter for what I love,” although I rarely saw him fight. His writings and his discussions were invariably deeply philosophical. In February of 2003 he wrote, “For me, the Void is the unifying principle. The Void is the subtlest essence of all material nature, free of the duality of subjects and objects, as well as positive and negative, but pervades all subjects and objects as their power to be….”  Later he wrote, “…[All that I experience is…Love on display in glorious manifestation, and this is the pulse that I dance to as I skip to each moment’s passing.” 

And now the moment in time that was Jaro’s short life has passed and he will be sorely missed for his sweet, loving nature, his freewheeling, fun loving ways and his ability to expound on all manner of philosophical subjects. As a friend said, “He was a very intelligent person, striving hard for enlightenment…” Perhaps he is reveling in something like enlightenment now, leaving behind him a void. Those of us left behind mourn his loss.  

–Rose Marie Prins (Jaro’s mother)

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