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Rochelle Hood

Rochelle Hood

On January 23, 2015 between 4am and 5am, our Beloved Vajra Sister Rochelle Hood passed away. From today in Merigar we will do Shitro for her. Thank you for your emails and warm thoughts and words!




May 27 1935- Jan 23 2015

A long-time Dzogchen Community  member, Rochelle was known throughout the community and beyond. She was an excellent and reliable provider of healthcare through her use of Shiatsu, and later Ku Kye healing techniques and helped many people to have better lives through her treatments. Her specialties also included acupuncture, cupping, a brand of Philippines massage and macrobiotic counseling, all of which she was highly trained in. She was born in the Philippines where she leaves family and friends, and lived for many years in NYC, Paris, Germany, and Italy. It was in Italy near Merigar that she passed away among her Dzogchen family after some years of declining health and illness.

There are personal reminiscences abounding of Rochelle, because she was very witty and exuberant and loved to talk to people and engage in all the activities of the community such as performing the Vajra Dance, retreats, practices, parties, teas, excursions. She was known for her irreverent sense of humor and her self-deprecating manner; she did not seem to take anyone’s pretenses seriously, least of all her own. And yet despite her frequent hilarity, she showed a profound respect for the Guru, Dharma and Sangha, as well as real understanding and experiences of her dharma practice. She was a good person to be around, a real friend.

She will be greatly missed by many people, and we will not see anyone quite like her again. It was a pleasure and privilege to call her our sister. Our prayers go to her for a speedy and good rebirth.

By Lauri Marder – courtesy of the Tsegyalgar East Blog
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