Pilgrimages to Emptiness with Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, Ph.D

From May 27-29, 2022, Dzamling Gar, Atiyoga Foundation and the Ayutamiento of Adeje hosted a special event and lecture series, Pilgrimages to Emptiness, Rethinking Reality through Quantum Physics with Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, Ph.D. in the Gönpa of Dzamling Gar and streamed via Zoom. Professor Sabbadini is the author of the book of the same title, Pilgrimages to Emptiness, Rethinking Reality through Quantum Physics.

The event was well attended by both members of the Dzogchen Community and the local people of Tenerife, as well as Zoom participants. Professor Sabbadini presented the challenging material in a clear and accessible way and included more than enough time for questions and answers, taking great care to reply to each question to the satisfaction of the questioner.

Sabbadini’s warmth, insight and humor, while helping novices and those with more understanding of the topic alike to gain some understanding of a topic normally out of reach, made for a delightfully enlightening and educational few days. We hope that Professor Sabbadini will return to Dzamling Gar to share his knowledge with us, as it seems he has collected some students willing to take the challenge of grappling with the vast and somewhat daunting world of quantum physics.

Many thanks to Casilda González Rodríguez of the ATIF and Chiara Amadori, the Project Manager, the Ayutamiento of Adeje, Fabio Andrico and the Gakyil of Dzamling Gar for their dedication and support in making such an event possible.

Shantena lecturing

Group photo

Meeting the children

Questions and answers

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