Planned Activities at Dzogchen Community Yeselling, Austria

activities yeselling austria
We are pleased to present the planned program for 2020 for the international Dzogchen Community Yeselling, Austria:

January 19:  SMS Base-Level study-course with Oliver Leick, part 3

February 23:  SMS Base-Level study-course with Oliver Leick, part 4

March 29:  SMS Base-Level study-course with Oliver Leick, part 5

April 26:  SMS Base-Level study-course with Oliver Leick, part 6

April 29-May 3:  Mandarava Retreat with Nina Robinson

September 2-6:  Tibetan Astrology with Migmar Tsering

October 30-November 2: SMS Base-Level practice-retreat with Oliver Leick

December 4-8:  SMS Base-Level practice-retreat with Oliver Leick

We also plan to hold a course on the Dance of the Vajra and a course on Yantra Yoga.
The dates for these planned courses are not fixed yet – we will let you know as soon as possible.

Please also visit our new website:

We hope to see you soon in Yeselling!

Very best wishes,
Eva, Monika und Renate
Gakyil of Yeselling

International Dzogchen Community Yeselling
Gersdorfberg 19b
8212 Pischelsdorf
Mobil: +43 664 88662660

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