Practices from Merigar West and Dzamling Gar, 4–10 Jan

Dear all!!

We wish this announcement finds you all in good health,

Next week webcast program from Merigar and Dzamling Gar,
notice that time is Merigar Time (GMT+1:00) always.

Monday, 4 January
18:00 Practice of Oser Chenma (from Merigar)

Wednesday, 6 January
10:00 Practice of Oser Chenma (from Merigar)
17: 00 Practice of Khaita Joyful Dances (from Merigar)

Friday, 8 January
14:30 Shitro (from Dzamling Gar)
18:30 Ganapuja (from Dzamling Gar)

Sunday, 10 January
9:00 Shitro (from Dzamling Gar)

thanks to all for your participation,
be well and healthy,
and take good care
with warm and kind regards
Webcast Team

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