Principle of Generosity at Kunsangar North

Kunsangar North is one of the places established by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as a place of practice, gathering and communication of our big international family. It is also a manifestation of our Master’s generosity. He always applied this principle and inspired us to follow it despite seemingly limiting external circumstances.

We are happy to hear that some of our instructors realise this wonderful method on practice. There is a Russian proverb: ‘You reap what you saw’. And here it’s an exact example when generosity generates more generosity, and avarice blocks the ways of abundance.

When one of our SMS instructors refused to accept an offering for the retreat in favour of the Gekö’s projects, I decided that this money may be helpful for some practitioner in a difficult financial situation who would like to participate in the retreat (online or offline) or pay for the accommodation at Kunsangar North.

So it turns out that the Community offers to the instructor, he, through Gekö, helps the Community, and this manifestation of generosity circulates in a harmonious way. Thus feeling of happiness and harmony is born. I am very grateful for this initiative to the instructor who preferred remain anonymous and wants to apply the principle of generosity. May those who need such help write me and I would be happy to assist.

Marina Novitskaya,

Gekö of Kunsangar North, Russia


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