On the Quest for Fluid and Complete Breathing

The Respira Teachers Training group with Fabio Andrico

Respira Teachers Training at Merigar (27 June – 2 July 2023)

After attending 3 Respira beginners trainings with my friend Jana, we formed a little breathing squad in our village in Silesia, Czech Republic, and started to meet regularly to practice it. When Jana told me about the upcoming teachers training in Merigar I told her: “Let’s go – what a great reason to come to this special place again and deepen our knowledge about the breathing.” And so we did…

Joined overall by 12 people from 9 countries we formed a truly international group and began our quest for fluid and complete breathing. We have been so lucky to be coached by the accomplished yoga teacher and breath expert Fabio Andrico. His deep experience and knowledge of the subject together with his unique sense of humour are simply legendary. Fabio guided us in a rigorous yet gentle and friendly way and made this such an extraordinary learning experience for us. We learned thoroughly about the Respira method, diving deep into both theory and practice of related breathing techniques so that we could teach it to other people.

For me these 6 days we spent together were really special – a unique symbiosis of the magical place, excellent teacher and wonderful group of people participating in the course. Thank you all for being part of this journey! And special thanks to Lilly who from the very beginning kept the spirit of our team very high.

If you are interested in this field I suggest you attend one of the beginners courses to get the flavour of the method and take it from there. Respira is a wonderful yet simple breathing system that truly everybody can use and which brings quick benefits for those who practice it. But don’t forget – it only works if you practice it!

Huge thanks to Fabio and the Merigar team for organizing this wonderful happening.

May your breathing be calm, smooth and complete.

Leq on behalf of our international breathing squad

Participants in the Respira course, June 23-25, with Fabio Andrico


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