Reconstruction of Wangdenling Gönpa in Slovakia

reconstruction wangdenling gönpa

Dear Vajra family,

First we wish you all the best for the next year 2023, may this year is auspicious for you and bring you happiness!

Also we want to share with you some great news about  the reconstruction of the Gönpa in Wangdenling, Slovak Dzogchen Community center – the works are coming nearly to an end!

The rotten underground parts from all of the 48 wooden pillars holding the building of the gönpa and entrance were successfully removed and replaced with the concerete bases. Due to strongly advanced wood rot and mold it was really done at the last minute.

All these challenging works lasted one year and have so far cost (together with material) 36,800 Euro, 25,800 of which we received through your great generosity.

So we want to say a big Thank you from our hearts, we really appreciate your support, that made the whole thing possible to happen.

However our effort still isn´t at the end. Although the main rough works have already been succesfully done, there are still necessary finishing works like landscaping, wood conservation, securing the entrance part etc.

To be able to fund this last phase of project (and also last invoices from the autumn phase), we are still continuing our fundraising campaign to collect an estimated  5,000 euros.

We will be gratefull for whatever donation you can make, it will help us to bring the reconstruction to the complete end.

You can help us by:

The bank account details:
Payment in EUR

Account number:  2701904108/8330
IBAN:                    SK6783300000002701904108
Account name:     Gompa – repair (Medzinárodná komunita Dzogčhenu – Wangdenling
Bank name:          FIO banka a.s.
Bank adress:        Nam. SNP 21, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

For the donations above 400 EUR, we offer the donors a precious gift of Sonam Thobje chakra personally blessed by our Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

For more information about Wangdenling gönpa restoration project please click HERE

Thank you, 
with best wishes,

Gakyil of Wangdenling

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