Reflecting on Five Years

reflecting five yearsOn the fifth anniversary of our beloved Rinpoche’s passing, we reflect on the passage of time and remember him with immense gratitude – his words, his smile, the Ganapujas, the games of Bagchen, the joyful dances – and above all the invaluable living knowledge our Master transmitted to all his students with selfless dedication and compassion throughout his life. 

Our Community faces inevitable challenges, but Rinpoche’s legacy – the knowledge of our true nature – remains alive within our sangha. We his students remain committed to integrating View, Meditation and Behavior in our daily life, and to the activities of Gars and Lings, as well as the various organizations Rinpoche founded including ASIA, ATIF, IDC, MACO, and Shang Shung Publications.

Our sangha continues to do its best by studying, by deepening and by preserving Rinpoche’s precious teaching. Multiple possibilities to practice together and share this living knowledge and understanding with each other locally and worldwide have been created, nurturing the spirit of collaboration so that it may be naturally maintained in each of us for the benefit of all.

With infinite love and appreciation we pay homage to our beloved Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu on the fifth anniversary of his leaving this dimension. His presence is always with us.

The International Gakyil Team,

Miranda, Barbara, Vince, Gabriella, and Monica, Evgenya, Svetlana, Mikyö, Marija, and Nikol

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