Reflecting on Merigar East Events

A Journey of Connection and Growth

At the dawn of 2024, Merigar East embarked on a meaningful journey, receiving guidance during a retreat led by  Aleksander Skwara, who generously spent the last days of 2023 with us at Merigar East. Leading us into loving-kindness meditation along with the practice of Avalokitesvara Korwa Tongtrug, the retreat took full form, becoming “Healing the heart and bringing peace to the world”. Wondering how we did it?  Feeling the heart slowly melt, open, and embrace it all with love and awareness, relaxing and smiling. We are grateful to Aleksander for introducing us to this wonderful practice that allows us to access it at any time.

Following this auspicious start, a few but worthy volunteers actively engaged in the Lungta project. The collective efforts led to a celebration of Losar, empowerment, and hanging Lungta in the gar, symbolizing not just project completion but a shared commitment to spread benefits both within our community and around us. The Tibetan New Year was an occasion of joy, reunion and practice, as well as cutting down and grooming trees at the gar, the weather being perfect for this operation. Dedicated volunteers and practitioners worked meticulously and enthusiastically to prepare the trees for the coming season.

Now, as nature undergoes its natural transition—winter retreating, spring awakening—Merigar East is also in its own metamorphosis.  This way, the summer program is shaping up with a big desire to foster connection and growth in our community. Thus, between May 23-30 we invite you to the Big Karma Yoga Gathering to prepare the gar for the summer season. ME awaits all those who seek isolated natural conditions, favorable for many external practices, with circumstances favoring the strong manifestation of the elements.

From June 04-09, Elias Capriles will be our guest for a retreat  “Practices for discovering The State of Dzogchen and gaining confidence in it: 21 Semdzins of Dzogchen Upadesha ”.

20-27 June, when Yeshi Namkhai will be teaching, if you are unable to attend Merigar West, we invite you to Merigar East to watch together online. We also have a wild beach nearby, along which there are a variety of restaurants, (fishermen’s huts where they cook freshly caught fish) with good quality food.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, perhaps the Guruyoga of White A (Guru Garab Dorje) retreat and Vajra Dance on 10-14 July with Zoltan Cser will be a strong argument for visiting us.

You can enjoy the dry summer air and the famous mud packs, making Merigar East a perfect place for healing the body, not just the soul.

From July 23-27 join us for a course open to all those interested in “The way to understand nature and oneself – A brief insight into Buddhist and Western philosophy” with Oliver Leick and Gabriella Schneider. This experience awaits you at our modern guest house, ensuring a comfortable and enriching stay.

For those seeking a more ‘unconventional’ vacation and prefer to spend a few days in a tent, we also offer a camping space at the gar with a summer kitchen equipped with everything you need.

We will then delve deeper into our personal practice together with Oliver during the retreat, which will take place from 29th July to 4th August, focusing on the Practice of Green Tara. Discovering the awakened stability of our own real nature. It will be the perfect time to taste the fruits of our organic garden and and enjoy the warm water of the Black Sea.

The Merigar East Oasis project, which aims to develop a stable ecosystem, continues to facilitate the cultivation of healthy food and the preparation of organic herbal cosmetics, which you will find at our small dharma shop.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Course on the Vajra Dance and 6 Spaces That Benefit Beings with Elisha Koppensteiner and the retreat with Steven Landsberg, “The Dzogchen Distinction: Path Beyond Words.”

With love,

Merigar East

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