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support international gakyilHELP US FIND ASSISTANTS FOR THE 2024 IG TEAM!

Dear International Dzogchen Community Members,

We hope this email finds you all fine and safe.

The International Gakyil (IG) is urgently looking for strong candidates among IDC members to become Assistants and join the IG Team with the serious intention of becoming IG Members for the next three-year term.

The IG Assistants will be presented to be appointed as IG Members during the next Annual General Assembly (AGA) which will occur at the end of May 2024.

The IG asks interested and dedicated community members to step forward and apply to become Assistants to the International Gakyil.

This role requires the ability and desire to collaborate by taking responsibility for IDC projects and activities and provides the opportunity to understand the international processes and relationships of the IDC.

The Assistants to the International Gakyil are the future candidates to become full International Gakyil Members in May 2024, and they ensure the continuity of the International Gakyil and the stability of the IDC through their direct experience, involvement in and understanding of their role, and the commitment it requires.

Please read the Call for IG Assistant candidates for more information.

To apply, candidates are kindly requested to send a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to, and by May 1st, 2024.

Thank you for your attention.

Warm regards,
International Gakyil
Miranda, Barbara Gabriella, Vince


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