Renewal of ASIA’s Statutory Offices

Roma, 5th August 2022

Dear friends, 

I’m writing to inform you that ASIA statutory offices are going to expire soon.

In particular, the offices that are going to expire are:

  • the Board of Directors. Members of the board are from 3 to 9;
  • the General Secretary;
  • the Supervisory Body (Board of Auditors) consisting of up to 3 members is made up of subjects registered in the Register of Statutory Auditors;
  • The Arbitrators board, composed by 3 members.

Anyone who wishes to participate as candidate for one of the vacancies listed above, should send a short letter of motivation and a Curriculum Vitae by September 4th and not later than this date, to the following email

To participate to the selection, according to the specific vacancy, it is necessary to have an adequate professional experience, which should be described in the CV. Furthermore, fluency in English and Italian is compulsory.

The position of General Secretary is a full time position regularly remunerated. Other vacancies are voluntary positions without remuneration. Only reimbursement of the expenses to travel to Rome for meetings are covered by ASIA. 

The Board of Directors meets at least three times a year. 

The Auditors agree to hold regular meetings throughout the year.

The Arbitrators Board meets only in case of controversial issues to be solved.

All the candidacies will be assessed by the present Board of Directors and by the General Secretary. 

The selected candidates will be informed about the decision and invited to participate to the Members Assembly  for the new election, that will be held shortly (the date and place will be communicated as soon as possible).

We are reporting here the job descriptions of the different vacancies that should be fulfilled by the new elected candidates in accordance with the current statute.

1- Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly and responds to the General Assembly. It holds its office for three years. The Directors can be re-elected. At the end of the three-year period the Board remains in office for the ordinary administration until the election of the new Directors.

The Board of Directors is vested with all the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration and appoints, at its first meeting, a General Secretary from among those elected.

The main attributions of the Board of Directors, are the following:

  • Calling of the Members’ Meeting
  • the BoD prepares the documents to be submitted to the General Assembly
  • guarantees compliance with the general guidelines of the Association in accordance with what was decided by the Members’ Meeting
  • suggests of the necessary and appropriate measures to achieve the aims of the association according to the directives of the members’ meeting
  • Elaborating the strategic lines of the association 
  • the BoD sets guidelines for the activities of the different bodies and offices of the association 
  • gives concreteness to the strategy of the association, through the organisation and allocation of human and financial resources
  • approves the annual workplan of each office of the association
  • gives recommendations in order to improve the quality of the activities organised by the association
  • the BoD suggests measures in order to guarantee quality standards are met in the organisation activities and management
  • approves the transfer of the registered office to another Italian municipality, the establishment or closure of peripheral offices, the appointment of managers, determination of the functioning and approval of the regulations proposed by the peripheral structures
  • approves regulations, policies and procedures for the management of the Association
  • Establishing the general organisational lines of the association
  • the BoD deliberates on the issues raised by the Secretary General
  • deliberates on issues of ordinary and extraordinary administration concerning the activities of the association.
  • monitors the financial situation of the association
  • Presenting to the general assembly the social balance and the annual forecast of expenses 
  • the BoD ensures that all the offices and the Administrative Department in particular, provide timely the relevant information in order to draft the social balance and the annual forecast of expenses
  • receives the annual relation of the Board of Auditors on the social balance of Asia 
  • elaborates a narrative report that comments the social balance and the annual forecast of expenses
  • presents the relevant documentation to the GA
  • assesses and approves the budget and final balance sheet prepared by the General Secretary to be submitted to the approval of the members General Assembly;
  • Deliberating on the admission and exclusion of members
  • evaluates, approves or rejects membership applications
  • establishes the annual and extraordinary membership fees
  • confers the title of Honorary Member, on the proposal of one tenth of the members or a member of the Board
  • Deliberating on the participation to platforms and associations
  • the BoD examines the possibility for the association to participates to platforms and associations
  • names and delegates the person that will represents ASIA to the chosen platforms/association
  • deliberates regarding the Association’s requests from Institutions and other bodies
  • deliberates on the establishment of local support groups in the various Italian regions
  • Giving the authorisation to launch projects in a new country
  • after having heard the advice of the General Secretary and the Responsible of the Projects Department, the BoD authorises the intervention of ASIA in a new country
  • The board of directors can designate and revoke an executive committee, composed of a maximum of 5 (five) members, defining their duties. Likewise, the board of directors can designate a scientific committee, whose members can also be external to the board of directors, defining their composition and tasks.

2- The General Secretary 

The General Secretary is elected by the Board of Directors and responds to the General Assembly. He/she holds its office for three years and is re-eligible. 

The following functions belong to the General Secretary:

  • Defining the strategic plan together with the general assembly and the board of directors 
  • the SG verify the attainment of aims set by the GA and the BoD
  • supervises the financial management of the association
  • Verifying the respect of deliberations of the General Assembly and of the board of directors
  • the SG informs the different offices of the association to the deliberation of the GA and of the BoD
  • executes the deliberation of the GA and of the BoD
  • monitors that deliberations are applied by the relevant offices through a system of internal forms of planning and reporting
  • Is responsible signatory for all the acts of ordinary administration and those of extraordinary administration delegated by the Board of Directors
  • the SG signs all the contracts, acts and agreements
  • may delegate the signature of specific acts to another manager of the association in writing
  • sends the original of the contracts, acts, and agreement to the administration 
  • signs the acts of extraordinary administration only after receiving a written delegation of the BoD
  • appoints the representatives, even those who are not members of the Board itself and also non-members, to carry out single acts or categories of deeds, even if they exceed the ordinary administration, by issuing power of attorney
  • Representing legally the organisation
  • the SG bears the legal representation of the Association before third parties and in court for all the ordinary and extraordinary administration acts approved by the Board of Directors, as well as the relative power of signature
  • is responsible of the signature of all acts and contracts with institutional and private donors 
  • represents the association directly or via a written delegation in all the problems that may arise in the relation with private or institutional donors and others organisms to which ASIA adheres 
  • signs checks and money transfer on behalf of ASIA
  • sets, after approval of the BoD a system of delegations for the authorisation of transfer of amounts of money
  • Supervising the system of archives and documents 
  • the SG sets guidelines for the system of archives and the conservation of sensible documentation
  • supervises that the archives are maintained in order and up-to-date by the relevant offices
  • Leading the organisation and coordinating the operational offices
  • the SG leads the Association and coordinates the operational offices in order to ensure the rational implementation of programs and projects 
  • supervises the managers of the operational offices
  • supervises the emission and revision of internal procedures
  • supervises the adoption of procedures by the different offices
  • ensures the availability of human resources to the association
  • coordinates the activity of external collaborators
  • coordinates the ordinary administration of the Association, based on the directives issued by the Assembly and by the Board of Directors, to which the Secretary General nevertheless reports on the activity carried out. In exceptional cases of necessity and urgency, the General Secretary may also carry out extraordinary administrative acts, but in this case he/she must contextually convene the Board of Directors for the ratification of his work 
  • summons the Board of Directors, taking care of the execution of the relative resolutions, monitoring the good administrative performance of the association, verifying the observance of the statute and the regulations, promoting the reform where the need arises
  • takes care of the preparation of the economic and financial statement and the balance sheet to be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors and to the Assembly
  • Approving the circulation of ASIA material 
  • the SG approves the material produced for external communication before circulation
  • the use of ASIA work material by third people or organisms is subjected to the previous approval of the SG
  • Monitoring the process of planning of the activities of the different offices and their fulfilment
  • the SG supervises the three-monthly plan of the operational offices
  • checks that the strategic decisions are reflected in the day-to-day management of the different offices
  • monitors the fulfilment of the plan by the different offices
  • monitors the efficiency of the different offices
  • Giving the authorisation to launch new programs and projects
  • the SG, after discussion with the Projects Department, decides whether submit to institutional or private donors new projects and programs for financing
  • may raises the issue before the BoD concerning specific projects/programs
  • Project cycle management: identification. Approving the budget of project proposal
  • the SG must approve the budget of each new project/programme before the submission to institutional and private donors
  • Approving and financing of the contracts 
  • the SG approves the contracts with institutional donors
  • signs the contracts and sends one copy to the donor and one copy to the administration that proceeds to filing
  • gives authorisation to the Administration to transfer the funds to a specific project
  • authorizes directly requests for expenses following administrative procedures
  1. 3.The Board of Auditors
  • Auditing of the balance sheet of the association before approval by General Assembly
  • checks the regular keeping of the accounting records, 
  • examines and approve the association’s balance sheet before the presentation to the members meeting for approval,
  • completes the annual report on the budget that they forward to the members’ meeting.
  • Verifying each three months the financial and accountant state of the association
  • the BoA verifies each three months the accountancy of ASIA including: bank accounts and cash reconciliations, account books, social books
  • monitors the reliability of financial reporting
  • It compiles a relation and sends it to the BoD
  • Monitoring the compliance with national law and regulations
  • the BoA verifies in particular tax payments and other formal requirements, salaries, insurances and other social security charges owing to ASIA collaborators.

4. The Arbitrators Board

  • The Arbitrators Board is constituted by three members, regularly registered to ASIA since at last 7 years, elected by the General Assembly not within the Board of Directors. Any controversy between members and the Association or with any of its statute organs will be submitted, with the exclusion of any other jurisdiction, for solution to the Board of Arbitrators.

Thank you for your kind attention,

best regards

Andrea Dell’Angelo

 General Secretary


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