Rinpoche Retreat Replay – January 2024 Selection


The Upadesha of Introduction to the State of Ati

Merigar, July 19-23, 2000

Dear Members of the Dzogchen Community,

We are pleased to announce the January 2024 retreat selection for the Rinpoche Retreat Replay. We will be streaming Rinpoche’s Longsal Ati’i Gongpa Ngotröd retreat which took place at Merigar in July 2000.

Link: https://webcast.dzogchen.net/index.php?id=longsal-ati-gongpa-ngotrod-retreat-2000

The following text is related to the Longsal Ati’i Gongpa Ngotröd retreat  replay, and can be found at the various SSP Bookstores:

[Book] Longsal Teachings, Volume Two


Thank you for your kind support,

The IG and Webcast Teams

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