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June 2021 Selection – The Song of Vajra Retreat

Hong Kong 2012

Dear Members of the Dzogchen Community,

We are pleased to announce the June 2021 selection for the Rinpoche Retreat Replay Webcast Project. For the next two months we will be streaming Rinpoche’s Song of Vajra retreat which took place in Hong Kong in 2012. The June selection also has a Spanish translation link.

All previously streamed retreats can be found at the Previous Retreats link at the top of the webcast homepage. Please note that every two months a new Rinpoche retreat replay will be selected and the current retreat will then be found at the Previous Retreats page.

The following practice materials are related to The Song of Vajra retreat replay, and can be found at the various SSP Bookstores:

The Song of the Vajra (E-Book)


This ebook contains the first full-scale commentary on the meaning of each verse of the Song of the Vajra, given by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in a teaching at Tashigar South at the end of 1990.

The Song of the Vajra (Audio Download)


This Audio Download MP3 contains the entire teaching of the Song of the Vajra Chögyal Namkhai Norbu gave during the Tashigar Christmas retreat in 1990 which was the first time he explained in precise detail the full meaning of the practice.

A-Song of Vajra-Dedication (Audio Download)


The Song of the Vajra is a form of Guruyoga. For a simple practice, sounding a long and melodious A, all phenomena related to form, sound, and consciousness are totally integrated in the instant dimension of rigpa. Remaining in this state of total equality and inseparability, relax in the contemplation of the sound of the Song of the Vajra. Then dedicate the merits.

The book Guruyoga explains the most important aspects of Guruyoga practice. It is also available as an ebook.

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