Rinpoche’s Birthday Celebration on 8 December

Please join the celebration live in the Dzamling Gar Gönpa or by Webcast! Tenerife time (GMT+0).

8am – 9am Mandarava Practice. Webcast from Merigar West

10am – 10:45am  Green Tara Practice. Webcast from Dzamling Gar

11am – 1pm  Khaita performance followed by fundraising Auction; snacks and drinks in Gönpa
Webcast and Zoom from Dzamling Gar

2pm – 3pm Mandarava Practice Webcast from Merigar West

4pm – 6pm Khaita: presenting new songs prepared by Rinpoche – introduction, singing and dancing. Webcast from Dzamling Gar

7pm – 8pm  Vajra Dance Thun in costume

Please wear mask and respect social distancing!

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