Rinpoche’s Collection of Oral Commentaries to Khaita Songs

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Dear Vajra Family,
Rinpoche’s collection of oral commentaries to Khaita songs is now available as a downloadable PDF:
Message From Tibet

Message From Tibet

As Rinpoche says when explaining Dóŋ-már bǒd-ba:
“This song shows how the Path is – this is relative to following the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – therefore it explains how the Tibetans consider the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, their point of view, behavior and how they put these into practice. It is very profound, very important knowledge. You see, on this globe there is no other place where this type of song is sung. Therefore it is important that we know that they have this value. When I choose the songs, I like them if they mean something. We try to learn them and use them, they are not just nice melodies with superficial words. In Tibet, it is not that all songs are of this kind, there are a lot of love songs, and also songs in modern style, but for me they are of a secondary level, whereas the songs we sing are of first level.”


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