Rinpoche’s Quotes in the Sangha App

Dear Vajra Family,

We are delighted to present this new feature in the Sangha application:


which manifested in close collaboration with Shang Shung Publications.

You can view it by clicking the banner on the home screen. Every week there will be a new quote from our unique Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.  The quotes have been selected from His precious published books, and the page number and a direct link to order the book is provided with each quote.

Don’t worry if you miss a quote one week, you will be able to swipe back to all published quotes.

In order to access this feature, be sure to update Sangha App:


There is another useful function in the new version. You can easily view constellations of the Tibetan calendar for other people.

More details

May it be beneficial for the practice in your life, for all beings!

With Love,

Sangha App Team

in collaboration with Shang Shung Publications

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