Rosa Namkhai’s Losar Greetings for the Water Tiger Year

On March 3, 2022, the first day of the new Tibetan Water Tiger year, after a ceremony to celebrate the new year held in the Gönpa at Merigar West, Rosa Namkhai shared this message with all those present.

Good morning dear friends and practitioners from all over the world. All of us here at Merigar today send you greetings and good wishes. Yes, a greeting, even if making a wish during this period is not easy.

We are all practitioners and disciples of the Master. What have we always done? We have recalled his teachings in our minds, which mainly consist in being positive and in finding within ourselves the strength and courage, the energy to move forward and to overcome difficult moments.

Of course we also do this in a concrete way, not only with our thoughts; in fact we practiced a beautiful Ngagkong two days ago here at Merigar.

It was a wonderful Ngagkong because for a long time this wonderful Gönpa has been empty and instead we took turns practicing together. In this way the Gönpa came to life with all of us and with the presence of our Master and, exactly as he told us to do and as he taught us, we set in motion some positive energy, some strength.

When we set in motion positive energy, our attitude, our strength, and our will at the same time, everything begins to work.

But all this positive energy, our good intentions, and our will must be directed wisely. Emotions must be transformed into wisdom, not letting them go as they come. In this way we will find help for ourselves, for the people who are close to us, and for the whole world because we spread all this positivity, this beautiful positive energy.

We spread this energy to the people who are close to us and they in turn to others, and thus it reaches all beings throughout the world.

This is the wish we can send from Merigar, my personal wish and that of all those present. Let’s always keep in mind the teachings of the Master: positive energy, love, and kindness. This is the heart of Merigar which we send to everyone and to the whole world. To all of you a happy new year!

Merigar West, Italy, on March 3, 2022

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