Rushen and Semdzin Practice Retreat in Merigar East

With Gabriella Schneider
28th May – 1st June 2019

rushen semdzin merigar east
After opening the retreat season with the biointelligent gardening workshop with Saviana, we thought it was high time to check our natural state in a more traditional way. So for a few days a handful of people attempted the heavy task of distancing themselves from their mobile phones and let their awareness sink in at a less object-oriented level.

The Santi Maha Sangha instructor was Gabriella Schneider, who generously led us through these essential practices and inspired us in many ways during these difficult times, reminding us that the transmission shines through all circumstances if we let it, even while driving on some wild but terrible Romanian roads.

Although the number of participants was not extremely high and the Gönpa felt more spacious than ever, those present had come from far enough to ensure their motivation remained constantly worthy.

Last, but not least, the Black Sea is now officially swimmable according to recent tests performed by the gekö and his assistant.

We hope to see you all soon here in Merigar East.

ME gekö

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