A Delicious Taste of Rushen with Steven Landsberg near Munich

rushen steven landsberg munich

From Friday 6th of April until Sunday 8th of April 2018, Yeshiling, the Munich Ling, organized a Rushen course with our valuable Santi Maha Sangha instructor Steven Landsberg.

The course took place in a countrified and calm area in a small village called Haimhausen, north of and close to the city of Munich with 12 participants from different parts of Germany and Switzerland.

Steven guided us through the details of “The separation of samsara and nirvana” in his well known expert and pleasant manner.

Several times we had the opportunity to practice given exercises in this calm and sunny atmosphere. Steve’s concrete instructions and clarifying explanations gave many of us the joy of freshness, clarity and relaxation.

A Ganapuja on the last day completed this course in a wonderful way.

All in all we are happy to have experienced this delicious taste of Rushen.

Thanks to Steven and all the organizers!




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