Sa-chad course with Migmar Tsering in Budapest

December 16-18, 2022

sa-chad migmar BudapestA Sa-Chad course led by Migmar Tsering took place in Budapest, Hungary in December 2022.
We had 24 participants altogether during these three days. Some participants were from the local Dzogchen Community, other participants were from other Buddhist communities in Hungary, and some of the participants were students of the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College – the location of the three day event.

This course was the first level of the Tibetan Geomancy called Sa-Chad, which is an incredibly rich and deep Tradition about bringing our elements into harmony. This first level contains not only very useful information about developing our life force, health, wealth and charisma, luck and protective energies through using our living environment and living space in a skillful way, but we also learnt basic Tibetan Astrology in a simple and essential style.

sa-chad migmar BudapestThe teacher, Migmar Tsering, demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the topics, and showed us that heartfelt compassion and kindness is a main characteristic of the really serious practitioners of these ancient and deep Teachings. Migmar also has extraordinary skills to present these complex and manifold traditions in a very simple, intelligent and logical way which is easy to understand.

We really appreciated the continuous support and help of Migmar Tsering’s assistant, Yangcen Mimaciren, who helped us a lot by presenting the Tibetan words and pictures about the different elements during the discussed topics.

During these three days everybody was keen on taking notes and getting into a more concrete world of knowledge of the always changing and dynamic space of the elements in our living environment.
Smooth collaboration and attentive presence brought us beautiful and joyful times!

We all wish for a continuation!

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