Samtengar China Update & 2019 Program

Yichun, Jiangxi Province, China

samtengar china update

In 2017 Samtengar completed the construction and decoration of a new four-storey building mainly intended for Rinpoche’s accommodation. This building was fully used when Rosa Namkhai, accompanied by the main international teachers of the International Dzogchen Community, visited the Gar in November 2018 shortly after Rinpoche’s paranirvana.

A swimming pool and man-made hotspring (we heat up spring water from the mountain) were also prepared originally for Rinpoche and all.

samtengar china updateAt the end of 2018, Samtengar’s new Gakyil was elected. Both new and old Gakyil members cooperated well and the transition was smooth.

For years we have been organizing online practices, both morning and evening sessions, via QQ (a very popular Instant Messaging Software in China) and other social media software which allow several hundreds of people to join in simultaneously.

We use QQ’s powerful group video function for webcasts and practice. Practitioners can also download encrypted e-books, videos and other material in Chinese from the group files. People have said that they feel our Master is still with us when they participate in the practices.

samtengar china updateDuring the Mandarava and Tsalung Practice Retreat 2019, Samtengar organized intensive Mandarava practices at the Yichun center  (4 long practices per day including the webcast of the morning session from Dzamling Gar).

Dzogchen Community members in Beijing, Deyang and other cities also got together or participated online for the Mandarava practice. We also have a yearly plan to have the following courses in 2019 just like we always did before. Practitioners all over the world are warmly welcome to participate.

For more information, please contact the Samtengar secretary via email

samtengar china updateUpcoming Courses at Samtengar Yichun Center

May 15-21              Ku-Nye Level 2 with Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo
May 22-26              Level 1 Vajra Dance & Purification of Six Lokas with T. Ni & W. Guo
May 29-Jun 2        Yantra Yoga series 1 & 2 with Tracy Ni
Sept.25-29            Yantra Yoga series 3, 4, 5 with Tracy Ni
Oct. 1-6                  Yoga of Prana for Clarity & Emptiness with Elio Guarisco
Oct. 8-10                Attaining Immortal Vajra Life-Mandarava Tsalung with E.Guarisco
Oct. 12-13              SMS Base course – view & practice of Eight Vehicles with Wes Guo
Oct. 15-20              Tibetan language course based on Mandarava text with Khenpo Trashi Choepel
Oct. 25-31              Dance of Song of the Vajra Deepening Course with T. Ni & W. Guo

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