Sang at Home!

Good day for everybody!

Do you like to do the practice of sang but you live in a city and do not have a garden? Then we have a great solution for you.

Migmar and Cecilia with their team have started with the production of sangkhangs that are perfectly made or doing the sangpractice right in your house.

Each sangkhang is 15 cm long, 15 cm wide and 23 cm high.

The sangkhangs are hand-made of ceramic and were manufactured by the “Dynamic Space of the Elements” team in Merigar.

Please see a short video, in which Migmar explains how to use the sangkhang and its symbolic meaning:

You can use the sangkhang also as an incense burner: See here:

The sangkhangs are available in two styles: as a white one – see shown in the attached photo  -, and as a colored one. A white sangkhang costs 70 Euro, a colored one 90 Euro. The mailing costs depend on your country and are not included in this price. We will inform you about the costs of mailing as soon as we have received your order. Each sangkhang will be shipped with some coal to burn the sang, and with some sang collected from several sacred places.

You can order the sangkhangs directly in Italy, please write to Cecilia Damiani:, your order will be shipped from Italy.

Some white ones you can order also from Shang Shung Institute Austria, pls write to: and they will be sent from Austria.

You can either pay directly to Cecilia from the “Dynamic Space of the Elements” team or you use this link for paying with PayPal via the Shang Shung Institute Austria: just use this link: PAYPAL

Thank you for your interest,

Very best wishes,

Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria in collaboration with Migmar, Cecilia and their team

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