Sangha App – Global Guruyoga Reminder & Presence

Dear Vajra Family,

Did you ever wish to be in Guruyoga together with all of the practitioners around the world?
Global Guruyoga is now supported with a new feature in the Sangha App!
There are 4 times during the 24 hour day when practitioners can choose to join Ati Guruyoga practice at the same moment with other practitioners worldwide.


  • Enter Reminders space (Gong icon on the home screen)
  • Open Global Guruyoga section
  • Turn on main button, choose your times and click Set

* If your location is turned on, then the times are automatically converted to your time zone.

You will receive a push notification on your smartphone at the chosen time. At that moment, you can do essential Ati Guruyoga practice according to your circumstances, either silently or with Rinpoche’s voice, when you open the notification’s preview. Other practitioners will be doing it at the same moment with you, and in this way we can unify in one State. It’s a unique opportunity to unite our capacities; let’s do it!

Another aspect of Presence which we are happy to support is awareness of the important Ganapuja days, so that we do not miss any. There is a NEW GANAPUJA CALENDAR:

  • Enter Events section (scroll down under Other events)
  • Open the chosen date
  • Choose from the published Ganapuja practices to display the details

If you click Go to the event, you will be notified before the start of the practice. You can display the dates of all Ganapujas during the whole year in one list.

A final feature for your comfort in the Sangha App is the ABILITY TO EDIT YOUR POSTS. Just touch & hold your message and a menu with the functions will pop up.


To access all of these new features, make sure you have the latest version of Sangha App.

iPhone: OS 15 or higher

Android: OS 7 or higher

We continue to develop Sangha App as much as possible for benefit of all. We will keep you updated on the newest developments.

Thank you for your activity, collaboration and evolution together!

With love,

Sangha App Team

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