Sangha App is Looking for a Collaborator in Technical Support

Dear Vajra friends,

Sangha App is offering a great opportunity for a talented Vajra brother or sister to benefit the Dzogchen Teaching for

The Sangha App Technical Support

Here, at Sangha App, we want to offer to the Dzogchen community a safe space where people can easily collaborate, share information and read news about events, practices or places.

The team is committed to make the app experience seamless and excellently functional, answering to practitioners’ needs.

This is the reason why we are seeking a dedicated colleague for TECHNICAL SUPPORT. This is a paid part-time job, which can be done online from anywhere.

If you are interested in learning more:
1. Go to Sangha App
2. Open the “Places” section
3. And open “Sangha App Origins”

Where you will find the job description with all the details.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

With our capacities united we can manifest our potential!

With love,

Nikol and Oana

for the Sangha App Team

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