Sangha App Tibetan Calendar Now Available in RU, IT, ES, CZ

benefits sangha app

The Tibetan calendar in the Sangha App is now available also in Russian, Italian, Spanish and Czech language.

Anniversaries, practices and daily combinations are already aligned with the Tibetan calendar published by Shang Shung Publications.

benefits sangha app


As it has been some time since it was launched, we’d like to summarize the benefits that are now available in the Sangha App:

  • Overview of all events worldwide with onsite & online filters
  • Automatic conversion to your timezone for online events
  • Ability to add events directly to your phone’s calendar
  • Reminders of Ganapuja days
  • Contacts & direct chats with other practitioners
  • Forum for Teaching & Community topics

benefits sangha app


  • Sangha App has signed a Memorandum of understanding with the International Gakyil that can be used and promoted in the International Dzogchen Community.
  • Sangha has supported Shang Shung Publications releases and is based on the vision of being connected with all official platforms of the Community.
  • It has become an important trusted platform for sharing online event passwords & other restricted info.
  • It’s used more and more by local gakyils and communities in the various countries of the Dzogchen Community.


  • Over 14,000 events have been published in the App.
  • More than 2,200 IDC practitioners use Sangha as their special phone app to be connected directly with all their Vajra family.
  • Sangha App still keeps the exclusivity of secure & private space out of commercial social networks, dedicated to all students of our precious Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

To have all the features available to you make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version: 

May it support our practice, presence & awareness in various circumstances, benefiting all beings!

Sangha App Team

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