SANGHA Mobile Application

Designed especially for practitioners of the Dzogchen Community

The Sangha app is gift from practitioners to practitioners offered for free to everybody with Transmission who is interested. Similar to Norbunet in the times of emails, Sangha brings a new effective platform in the epoch of mobile applications, a living space to strengthen practitioners’ activities. Released last year, it already has 700 users and is continuously growing. 

We use many public social networks today that are often not very trustworthy regarding data privacy. However, we need to share information about the Teaching and our secret practices. Sangha app was created as private and highly secure platform especially for our practitioners, containing many different functions in one space.

In the Sangha app, directly from your Smartphone you can:
– add your own events for practicing or relaxing together
– access details of Community events
– choose to follow information from more Gars & Lings
– use the special Guruyoga Instant Presence reminder
– receive notifications about Ganapujas and Events
– chat directly with your Vajra friends

SANGHA Mobile App & SHEDRA Project
The Sangha app is focused more on the social and collaborative aspects of our community members’ lives. Besides official IDC events, practitioners can also add their own private events for practice groups, relaxation, meetings, etc. The main intention of Sangha is communication and collaboration between members, helping each other. Shedra, the Atiyoga Foundation project founded by the International Gakyil, is focused more on official education, certification and event management. Both projects share some similarities and hopefully will be able to fully exchange data soon.

It is a spontaneous activity created by individual practitioners from Czechia, Russia, Slovakia and the USA – with stable funding, a dedicated team, open to development and serving the needs of practitioners, totally free of charge.  We have signed a mutual Memorandum of Understanding with the International Gakyil, declaring publicly to treat all confidential info & data in the app in a strictly private and secure way according to GDPR and Special terms & conditions. The International Gakyil has acknowledged the existence of Sangha app and agreed to promote information about Dzogchen Community events.

This function should be released in the Sangha App by the beginning of 2020. It is great news as it will open space to share information about fundraising, karma yoga, jobs, accommodation, transport and so on. Additionally practitioners can create any topic they need to share or collaborate with. So there will be platform to support each other in more ways, finally in one dedicated space.

We invite all practitioners to make Sangha space alive together: by using the app, adding your own events, inviting others and giving us the necessary feedback.

We have had many positive reactions to the Sangha app. It has inspired us to develop it even more and continue to support the communication and collaboration of practitioners. We love to stay connected and evolve together.

How to get & activate the Sangha app:
Every practitioner with transmission can download the Sangha app for free to their own Smartphone with a supported operating system:
To activate it – everyone needs to insert a security code that they can get from another practitioner who already uses the app and who personally knows that this person has received Transmission from the lineage of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. This is because the application may contain restricted information regarding the Teaching. With this personal approach we can maintain privacy and security, which are very important aspects of the Sangha app.

Yanchi Kompiš and Libor Malý

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