Seeds of the Future for Refugees from Haku, Nepal

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Seeds of the future. This is the name we wanted to give to our new campaign in support of refugees from Haku, Nepal, with this aim: to give these people the possibility of a future and help them get their lives going after the interruption of the last five years.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Nepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world, with a Human Development Index of 0.579 (2018), which puts it in 147th place out of 188.

The earthquake of 25 April 2015 inflicted devastating blows on the population of Nepal and the COVID-19 emergency has greatly aggravated the already difficult health and socio-economic situation of the country. Eight million people are at risk of poverty and malnutrition.

The internally displaced people of Haku are among the most disadvantaged sections of the population. Their village, in Langtang Park, was razed to the ground by the earthquake and since then they have lived in temporary shelters in conditions of extreme poverty and precariousness. The children suffer from chronic malnutrition, their parents work occasionally and sometimes the monsoons sweep away their small shelters, highly at risk also due to frequent landslides.

Due to the pandemic, the situation has become even more dramatic. All works have been suspended and all forms of livelihood have been canceled.

ASIA, which had already intervened in support of the displaced people of Haku after the earthquake, accepted the request for help from this starving community after repeated lockdowns in the country, and in October distributed food supplies for a month to 680 families.

Now our operators have carried out a feasibility study to understand how to give the Haku community sustainability and a perspective for the future. In addition to having serious food shortages and economic problems, since they live in close contact these families are at high risk of transmitting COVID-19 and, furthermore, they are not used to observing basic rules of hygiene.

It has emerged that around 100 Haku families would like to return to their village of origin to farm the land and meet their food needs, but they lack the knowledge and agricultural equipment to start generating income through farming.

With the Seeds of the Future campaign we want to achieve a double goal:

– increase the agricultural production of the 100 farming families who will return to their village of origin;

– give training on correct rules of hygiene and the prevention of COVID-19 with an awareness program entirely managed by 44 women, volunteers for community health, and aimed at the 8,298 inhabitants of the municipality of Uttargaya.

How to participate in the #seedsofthefuture campaign

You can choose how to participate:

  • With € 15 you donate a kit of seeds and tools to a farmer
  • With € 40 you can participate in the awareness campaign for the prevention of COVID-19
  • With € 100 you contribute to the construction of an irrigation tank

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