Semde Teaching with Igor Berkhin in Paris, France

Palriling, 29 April – 1 May 2022

“People here are more relaxed, they know better how to enjoy life. The gastronomy, good wine, with special blue sky in spring, this is Paris! My favorite city.” We may still be complaining about the impact of the epidemic, and suddenly realized we are so lucky to see a different Paris in Igor’s eyes.”

We had a three day retreat with Igor Berkhin for Semde teachings in Paris, with a lot of joy and humor, profound teachings taught in a simple and clear way, aiming to discover the mind and the nature of mind. Igor helps audiences to understand Guru Garab Dorje’s teachings. Newcomers were gently taken by the hand to discover some insight into their nature or at least abide in a state of relaxed presence. Old practitioners could refresh their practices. Three days expanding light, searching, and finding nothing but freedom in a diligent and joyful atmosphere. Igor generously shared his experience and answered many questions so that we could all develop our knowledge and increase our capacities to continue the journey.  

450 people signed up for this event, we had twenty people gathered in a venue located in the center of Paris and around 350-400 participants from different countries online, among them 190 practitioners from China and 130 from Russia. Interpreters simultaneously translated the teachings into six languages.

Welcome to Paris! And we are looking forward to organizing more Dzogchen teachings.

The Gakyil from IDC Palriling
Paris, France

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