Semdzin Retreat with Stoffelina Verdonk at Dejamling

I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to participate in the Semdzin Retreat with Stoffelina Verdonk at Dejamling, France, in April 2022. Dejamling is like a family home for me and for beginners like me it is essential to practise in a group to learn and apply the teachings of our master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Stoffelina’s enthusiasm and her experience of teaching/facilitating others is a wonderful example for me. Each of us has his or her own peculiarities and her “Italian opera singer” style refreshes me. I’m very grateful for all her work, love, time and hardships which she offers to us Dzogchen community people.

Verena Mutschlechner

Every Wednesday, we study The Precious Vase text with Stoffelina. This week, we gathered together for an intensive practice retreat. We did four sessions of 1h 30m per day. This allowed us to deepen our experience of the seven Semdzin and the Rushen of the Voice. It was wonderful! Dejamling is an ideal place to train ourselves to relax in our nature. I encourage you to come and share this experience with us.




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