Shang Shung Foundation Activities at Dzamling Gar

Fabian Sanders - Instructor

Fabian Sanders – Instructor

by Amely Becker together with Ilaria Faccioli

The activities of Shang Shung Foundation at Dzamling Gar for the year of 2017/2018 began this September. The idea is that each season is dedicated to one of the five pillars of Tibetan culture. During the season of fall we focused on Tibetan Language. This winter period we will dedicate to Tibetan Medicine. And in spring/summer of 2018 we will have Tibetan Art: Thanka Painting and Calligraphy.

From the end of October until 10th of November we enjoyed a five day course in Drajyor and ten days of Tibetan Language training led by Fabian Sanders here at Dzamling Gar.

Language Students

Language Students

Over the years I have taken quite a few courses with Fabian on Tibetan Language and Drajyor in the UK. Each time a new understanding arises. My experience shows me that repeating these trainings from time to time really increases capacity and enjoyment of Tibetan Language and also the Drajyor. Fabian’s knowledge of both and his gentle and pragmatic delivery of the material makes for an atmosphere of explorers and discoverers of a new world. When the letters spring to life through recognizing their meaning and “connectedness”, we become quite excited and noisy with our expression of surprise and even joy. Learning in a group also has so many advantages as we all equally support and watch each other grow in the application of grammar and in discovering the ‘connectors’.

On the last night of Fabian’s time here in the Gar he cooked a very delicious Chinese style soup, prepared for the purpose of fund raising for Shang Shung Foundation. Rinpoche provided many large and smaller items for an auction held in the cafeteria. Our cafeteria team supplied us with wine and cake to complete the meal. While we were eating, our energy and focus was taken by this very rich noodle soup. Then, after a few glasses of wine, the auction really got buzzing.

We were able to raise 1.500,00 Euros for Shang Shung Foundation activities, in particular the ones for the winter season related to Tibetan Medicine.

Doctor Phuntsog Wangmo will be staying in Dzamling Gar for more than one month. She will arrive in the middle of January. Besides being available for private consultations, she will present workshops on external therapies, hospice training, mental illness, diet and behavior from the point of view of Tibetan Medicine. Shang Shung Foundation Spain is at the moment working to establish a partnership with the University of La Laguna that seemed always interested in the point of view of Tibetan Medicine

Finally we would like to add that there will be regular Ku-nye treatments available from December of this year until March 2018 at the Gar, given by Aldo Oneto.

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