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Dear friends and supporters of the activities of the Shang Shung Institute Austria,

First of all I send you warming sun-rays shining through the golden-red shining autumn-leaves. May these sun-beams fill you heart with pleasure and relaxation!

Due to the given situation in relation to the Corona virus all over the world, it seems that this year, 2020, it will be difficult to go shopping in all thee different shop in order to get some Christmas presents for our beloved ones and for yourself.

What about the idea to get a marvelous present for yourself or for a dear Vajra-sibling?

Shang Shung Institute Austria has a very special offer for you:
A thanka of GURU TRAGPHUR and a thanka of DAKINI MANDARAVA.


These thankas are reprints of the personal thankas of our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, hanging in His house in Merigar West, in Gadeling.

With the kindest permission of family Namkhai, Migram Tsering, the director of the non-profit association DYNAMIC SPACE OF THE ELEMENTS, has had these reprints made for our people of the Dzogchen Community.

The prints have the size of 42x30cm and are having a brocade frame. The size of the whole thanka is 90x65cm.

Shang Shung Institute Austria has just SEVEN thankas of Guru Tragphur and just FIVE thankas of Dakini Mandarava.

The price for one thanka is € 145, which is an extraordinary cheap price for such a wonderful thanka.
Shipping and mailing costs are extra.

The net-profit of these thankas (which is really not much) go to the Ka-Ter Translation Project.

If you are interested please take your chance as soon as possible, as all in all we only have 12 thankas.
Please send a mail to and I am ready to send a thanka to you.

For more information about the Ka-Ter Translation Project and how to donate to this project please visit our website:

Thank you so much for everything and your donations,
I wish that you may stay healthy in these difficult times,
very best wishes,

Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
phone: +43 664 88662660


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