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Dear readers,⁣⁣

We would like to remember to you the availability in both paper and digital format of the following four books.

Two titles of Astrology Series connected to the Tibetan new year Metal Ox, useful for planning one’s activities and practices:

– TIBETAN CALENDAR OF THE METAL OX YEAR is now available in print.⁣⁣

– SPECIAL PRACTICES Calendar 2021-2022

Two regarding practices and teachings of our Master Namkhai Norbu:

– TEACHING IN A PERFECT WAY: this new book addressed to all members of the Dzogchen Community with advices and teachings for all practitioners, to be considered as precious gift to be cherished in our hearts.

– BARDO The Bardo Instructions Sealed with the HŪṂ. It contains experiential instructions related to different types of intermediate states (bardo), including explanations of the moment of death and the states afterwards as well as various ways of attaining liberation in these special moments.

Shang Shung Publications would like to thank the private donors and the Ka-Ter Project for the support given to the translations of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s texts and for the improvement of the print quality of our books.

⁣⁣Enjoy the reading.

Shang Shung Publications Team⁣

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