Shang Shung Publications Reorganization

Shang Shung Publications (SSP)

A limited liability non-profit social enterprise.

The Shang Shung publishing house, founded in 1983 at the request of the Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, has been recently reorganized.

Shang Shung Publications (SSP) is now a nonprofit organization, that can operate as a social enterprise with limited liability.

The founding members are the Atiyoga Foundation, the International Dzogchen Community and Merigar West.

SSP continues to pursue its original  mission: translation, compilation and publication of texts related to the teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu with topics ranging from Dzogchen to Buddhism, Yantra Yoga, spiritual and traditional dances, Tibetan culture and traditional medicine, in the form of translations, commentaries, practice texts, teaching transcriptions, as well as study materials in audio and video format. The publications are enriched with books and multimedia products on similar subjects also by other authors.

Shang Shung Publications is an essential asset and heritage of the Dzogchen Community that is carrying out an indispensable service for all those who are seriously interested in the teaching transmitted by our master Namkhai Norbu.

Today we have the important task to make his wisdom more known to the general public by increasing open publications through modern media such as ebooks, audio/video tutorials, social network presentations and so on.

Of course this great achievement has been possible only through the permanent encouragement of Rinpoche and the generous support of the readers who have bought our products and offered precious donations.

A publishing house that is based mainly on restricted products for practitioners cannot survive only on sales. The huge work backing our books can be guaranteed only through the active participation and collaboration of all Dzogchen Community members.

SSP founding members and main activities.

We are very grateful to all readers who are aware of the demanding purpose of our activity and sustain it with their trust and appreciation.

From 1983 until today the Shang Shung publishing house has developed the capacity to produce faithful translations of the writings of our Master, including his Longsal Cycle, and original Dzogchen texts, thanks above all to the tireless work of Adriano Clemente and Elio Guarisco, strongly supported by the Ka-Ter project managed by Oliver Leick, but also thanks to the activity of the many transcribers, editors, graphic designers, layout people, staff, managers and collaborators who, in the course of time, have offered their work, very often for free.

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SSP will continue to guarantee as always our commitment in the translation, publication and distribution of Chögyal Namkhai Norbus important texts restricted to members of the Dzogchen Community but, at the same time, we will try to launch projects for an appropriate divulgation of non-restricted Dzogchen and open texts to the public outside the Community.

In particular we are developing a working scheme o n social networks in order to be able to correctly give information about the heritage of the existing texts of Namkhai Norbu, Dzogchen Master and Professor.

We hope this will be possible in collaboration with all the departments of the Atiyoga Foundation so as to put into operation all the existing but still unexpressed synergies between the editorial function of Shang Shung and all the multiple disciplines and activities of the Dzogchen Community: Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Khaita Dances, Medicine, Astrology, Art, Teachings, the Archive, the Museum, and ASIA. 

Board composition




Legal representative

Gianni Totino


Vice President

Artur Skura


ATIF representative

Oliver Leick


IDC representative

Michela Martello


Merigar W. representative

Massimo Orsi


All the formal acts for the transition from Shang Shung Foundation to the new corporate form as a Social Enterprise have been completed.

A two-year program of activities for both reserved and public books sectors has been prepared.

The reference markets will continue to be English, Italian and Spanish. To operate in these markets, the help and collaboration of local Gars and Lings will be requested. For other languages ​​(Russian, Chinese, German, French, etc.) the agreements that have existed for years with local publishing houses connected to the Dzogchen Community will continue to apply.

Particular attention will be paid to the dissemination of the Master’s public texts through agreements with external publishing houses (Lighting Source, Kairos, etc.) and distributors / sellers (Amazon, Om Edizioni, etc.).

Obviously the organization of SSP has been dimensioned to the actual economic situation. The possibility of achieving economic stability is related to the impending development of the activities of the entire Dzogchen Community.

We thank all the SSF / SSP staff for their efforts in allowing the closure of the Shang Shung Foundation and the birth of the new Shang Shung Publications.

In particular, we thank Pia Bramezza and Igor Legati for the support given in setting up the new social enterprise.

Shang Shung Publications

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