Share Sangha App with New Practitioners!

Dear Vajra sibling,

Sangha app is based on sharing. Only existing users can invite other users, so your support is essential!

We have noticed that sometimes new people with Transmission do not know how to access Sangha App 2. They cannot install it without a code from an existing practitioner. You can help them! How?

  • Recommend the app, so they can stay connected with the community!
  • Give them the exact name to search in Google Play or App store: “Sangha App 2.”
  • Tell them to install the app on their phone.
  • After they fill in their data and verify their own mail address on the app, give them the invitation code.

  • This is how you can generate the invitation code: in your own Sangha app, go to the section “People,” then scroll down the page to select “Invite Practitioners”. Click on the button for “Invite Practitioners” and a new page will arise, with a row of stars. Click on “Show the code” to get the code.
  • Send the new practitioner the code.
  • Let them know they can always reach out for help at and in the dedicated help channel.

They can also find the step-by-step explanation here.

Thank you!

Nikol and Oana

for the Sangha App Team

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