Shorten the Distance, Sponsor a Young Monk


Shorten the distance, sponsor a young monk from Tashi Choeling or Nghagyur Sangngh Choeling Monastery.

In Nepal, in 2021 ASIA started a long-distance sponsorship project in the Tashi Choeling and Nghagyur Sangngh Choeling monasteries, where numerous young Himalayan monks are being educated following the basic Nepalese school curriculum and studying Tibetan language and history, fundamentals of dharma and meditation. 

Unfortunately, today the education of these Himalayan children and young people, as well as the survival of the monasteries themselves and the ancient Buddhist teachings, is at risk.  Find out why by reading about the history of the two monasteries below and how you, too, can shorten the distance by sponsoring a young monk from Tashi Choeling or Nghagyur Sangngh Choeling Monastery.

The Tashi Choeling Monastery

Tashi Choeling Monastery was founded by Gopal Lama in 1993 in Kaski district (Pokhara, Nepal) on the shore of Lake Pewa. 

Today, it houses 60 young monks between the ages of 10 and 16 who, unfortunately, live in very precarious conditions: classes are held outside, on a few communal tables and chairs in a large sheet metal shed, typical of the temporary houses after the 2015 earthquake.

The families of the children admitted to the monastery are unable to provide any financial assistance, and Gopal Lama’s income, which comes from rituals and donations, is insufficient to guarantee its students’ basic needs, and educational and healthcare expenses.

The Ngagyur Monastery 

The Nghagyur Sangngh Choeling Monastery was founded in 1996 by a lama called Gupti Gurung in the city of Pokhara, Nepal, at the foot of Sarangkot Hill, in the locality called Pipaldali Thumke.

Initially, the monastery only housed the lama and his family, but as the number of requests from poorer families increased, the structure was enlarged to also house young monks and provide them with an education in their language and culture.

However, Gupti Gurung is unable to meet all the necessary expenses alone, and the families of the children admitted to the monastery are among the poorest in the area: living on agriculture alone, they have difficulty making ends meet. In addition, many children are orphans or semi-orphans. 

What can you do?

Shorten the distance and make your long-distance sponsorship now!

Thanks to your sponsorship, a young monk will have the opportunity to train in harmony with his cultural roots and you will contribute to keeping alive the invaluable heritage of knowledge and spirituality of the Tibetan people. In addition, you will be able to establish a real relationship with him, through exchanging letters and, possibly, by going to visit him one day!

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