SMS Base Easter Retreat with Lukas Chmelik at Wangdenling

SMS easter retreat wangdenlingSMS easter retreat wangdenling












by Luděk Hrubý, geko of Wangdenling

The Santi Maha Sangha Base Easter retreat with Lukas Chmelik took place from 18th to 22nd of April in Wangdenling, which is located in the beautiful countryside of the White Carpathians in Slovakia. 12 practitioners from Slovakia and the Czech Republic met in pleasant and spontaneous cooperation. We used our time for the practice of various Semdzins and Rushens alternating between ordinary mind and natural state. Whatever we could not understand was elucidated by our experienced instructor Lukas, who also made clear how important Santi Maha Sangha is, just like Rinpoche used to say. In addition we also did practice of Chod, Green Tara, Vajra Dance and Ganapuja.

During those several days of intense practice we also found time for karmayoga on the green roof of the gönpa and a quick visit of local wellness with sauna. Both weather and the meals cooked with love by our practitioners were excellent as well as the evenings spent by fire at the back garden of the Ling´s house. I want to extend my thanks to all who participated at this extraordinary gathering and I invite everyone who has a wish and possibility to come to Wangdenling anytime they like.

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