SMS & Kumbhaka Training

Namgyalgar YY-SMS course May2016

There was no better place to relax and be in the transmission of our Master than at Namgyalgar, Australia. Over a three day period, Arnaud Coquillard and Oni McKinstry guided us through the stages of the practice of the 7th Lojong with emphasis on the experience of Parlung. It is the secret technique par excellence to achieve meditative stability in our practice. Parlung is a method which helps to find a state completely beyond thought at any moment of the day. Open to all levels of students we experienced unity in diversity.  Arnaud and Oni made sure that we increased our capacity and had the opportunity to gain deep insight into the various practices such as Tonglen, Kumbhaka, Parlung and the Guruyoga of the White A to prepare for night practice. A great weekend of practice and camaraderie.

Namgyalgar YY-SMS May 2016.3

Namgyalgar YY-SMS May2016.2

Namgyalgar welcomes new members and existing members to discover the precious teachings of our teacher Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in the idyllic surrounds of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Else Lambrechts


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