Santi Maha Sangha retreat with Grisha Mokhin at Tashigar Norte

Artyom Taranenko

The retreat is over. Four days flew by unnoticed and magically. In the morning, Margarita blessed us with rain, which ended just when we had to go out for the practice. In general, everything happens in the Gar at the right time.

At the gate, a woodpecker flew out to see us off, the guardian bird of the prophets, transmitting messages from the world of spirits. It clearly wanted to communicate something. Probably that everything is just as interesting at the Gar as before and everyone is welcome for retreats, especially on the Tibetan New Year, when the practice of Long Life will be interspersed with the practice of the Vajra Dance.

The Gar is patiently waiting for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in spiritual practice in the paradise corner of the island, which Rinpoche once called the ‘Pleasure Chakra’ of our planet.

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