Song of the Vajra Retreat

With Tsultrim Allione


As seasons change so does our understanding of the Teaching. Even though the message of our Precious Master is clear, simple and direct, most of us are still only trying to discover the natural state of the mind. Lama Tsultrim Allione has once more come to Merigar, to the “fire mountain”, in order to give a teaching related to the different aspects of the Song of the Vajra, for which Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche says has the power to spontaneously induce the state of contemplation. It is the most important teaching that transcends and contains all essential aspects of the three series of Dzogchen.

Lama Tsultrim explained the different aspects of the Song of the Vajra: outer, inner and secret. The outer aspect is the word per word translation of the text which describes how the state of Instant Presence is. The inner aspect is the connection between the verses of the Song and different methods of the three series of Dzogchen: Semde, Longde and Upadesha. The secret aspect is the way the “sounding” of the Song of the Vajra affects our subtle channels and chakras and thus, through the vibration of the inner sound, induces the state of Instant Presence. The sound of the Song of the Vajra also has the power to harmonise energy, not only inside of our body, but also on this globe, in this solar system and in the universe.

Another aspect of the “Sounding of the Vajra”, as Lama Tsultrim cheerfully described it, is the power of the language in which it is sung. The language of Uddiyana is, just like Sanskrit, a language introduced on this planet from pure dimensions and, as such, it has the same power as mantras, which are the sound of Samboghakaya, the dimension of sound and light, the dimension of pure manifestation of Dharmakaya.

While explaining all these aspects comprehensively and with great precision, Lama Tsultrim made us a gift of her understanding of the state of contemplation and, as we practiced together, she explained and directly shared with us the experience of a life time of practice. For the new practitioners this was the perfect way to enter the path of Ati. For the more experienced practitioners this was a marvelous way to refresh the practice and prepare for the long and cold winter in Amiata, where the only thing to do in this season is the practice of contemplation.

Cvetko Jovanovic

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