SSP Editorial Program and New Compilation

The Longsal Rushen, an Oral Commentary.

Dear members of the International Dzogchen Community, Gars and Lings,

These days we are completing the publication of the text The Longsal Rushen, An Oral Commentary based on The Instructions on Outer, Inner and Secret Rushen and The Upadesha on the Four Voice Trainings.

In addition to the Tibetan texts left by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu which are translated with the support of the Ka-Ter Project, Shang Shung Publications is also committed to transcribing and publishing the so-called “compiled” texts, that is, those based on transcriptions of the retreats of the Master and concerning practices reserved for members of the Dzogchen Community.

These books are made with the meticulous and careful work of many people. As they are not intended for the general public, but only for members of the Community, they are limited editions and therefore Shang Shung Publications, in order to continue its transcription, editing and publication activities, can only count on your generosity.

This situation has become even more evident following the passing of the Master and the existing restrictions for Covid which have greatly reduced the possibility of organizing retreats at Gars and Lings.

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The Longsal Rushen, An Oral Commentary

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The Origin of Samsara and Nirvana According to the Dra Thalgyur

The Upadesha on the Total Behavior of Equal Taste, An Oral Commentary

The Upadesha of Introduction to the State of Ati, An Oral Commentary

The Rainbow Body of Samantabhadra

The Biography of Ayu Khandro

The Vajra Dance (a public book)

– The series of experiential instructions (nyamtri) related to the first five translations of Vairochana, Rinpoche’s oral commentary

– Public teachings and public events Series: A General Presentation of Dzogchen

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